Friday, February 14, 2014

My "Snow Day"...

Okay, so the reason for the quotations is because school was called off for snow today but...there wasn't a flake of snow until 3:30! I was so excited to see my littles today!  I had found the best valentines EVER during my last minute trip to the store last night!  I was so excited to find them because my entire room is Dr. Seuss!
I even added some personalized alliteration!

What I did with my day.... WRITNG!!  I am participating in the National Writing Project and have accumulated so many wonderful resources!  These are just two of my favorites and "go to" resources for writing!  
The first is The Common Core Writing Book by Gretchen Owocki!  I just love this book!  It has helped tremendously with meeting the Common Core Writing Standards for Writing!  Get your hands on this book!  It is a must have!  I am currently using it to develop my second unit, Narrative Writing in Second Grade.  I have already created a unit called Opinion Writing in Second Grade using this book and my followers on TpT have loved it!  
The second book I have been diving into is Writing Circles by Jim Vopat.  In it he talks about a great way to get your students interacting with their writing, and doing all that accountable talk:)!  There is so much to it, but to summarize it's a way to give your littles time to write choosing their own genre and then sharing it in their own writing circles where they can peer conference!  I can't wait to implement it in my own room!

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