Saturday, March 1, 2014

Five for Friday

I am so excited to join my first linky parky with Doodle Bugs Teaching! snow days this week, but it doesn't look so good for next!  That being said I got a lot accomplished this week!
Guided reading groups just keep getting better and better!  So proud of my kiddos and how hard they are working!  This week we practiced our close reading skills with a passage about George Washington.  My littles worked hard on day 1 of the close read to identify words they had trouble reading or didn't know what they meant.
I love SCHEMA FOLDERS!!!  We began our week all about George Washington by writing down what we already knew about him.  I just use a simple file folder with one side labeled "What I already Know", and the other side labeled, "What I learned".  The front has a box where they can change the topic by writing it on a post-it and sticking it right on there!  By the end of the week they have so much new information they can add!
Indoor recess is getting old...VERY OLD!  Not only am I ready to climb the walls but my littles are ready as well!  With that I decided enough was enough they need to move.  So we started using Adventure to Fitness website to get all that energy out!  Indoor recess=not so bad:)
At our school, and really county wide, we have green teams.  It is a team that helps their school become more environmentally friendly.  I and another teacher lead our school's green team, and they ROCK!  They lead a campaign this year called, "Caps for Benches".  In Evansville, Indiana their is a company called Green Tree Plastics that takes your recycled plastic bottle caps and turn them into a bench! a school we collected over 400 pounds of plastic, and received our bench!  HOW EXCITED ARE THESE KIDS?!  The only face I didn't block out was my own little girl's!  She is ADORABLE!

Finally, we are doing The Biggest Loser at school with the staff and I haven't had much luck these past two weigh in's.  Well...I finally lost 2 whole pounds Friday!  WOOT WOOT! 
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