Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Currently...

March currently! Linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade!
Currently I am listening to Kate Blanchett talk on the red carpet for the Oscars.  I recently went to see Monuments Men, and she was awesome in it!  Plus, don't you just love an English accent?
I went to Target and spent FOREVER in the dollar spot!  So excited about new goodies!  They had decorated cardboard clipboards for, you guessed it $1!  They are adorable, and my kiddos really need them because we do so much group work all around the room.  My next favorite goodie is my colorful felt tip pens!  Love to color coordinate my lessons with them:)
So reports all week have been saying we were expected to get a half an inch of ice and 8-12 inches of snow today and tomorrow.  Well, we lucked out because it's not quite that bad but looks to be bad enough for another snow day.  I have lost count but I think we are on day 12!  GRRRR!!  
With all this snow this winter I want nothing more than the summer sun!  I have so many fun events this summer!  Two friends getting hitched, my 30th bday, beginning masters classes, and spending time with my babies pool side!
I really need to get on the treadmill!  I just can't seem to change out of my jammies and into my tight, less forgiving, workout clothes.  I really need to so I can take this Biggest Loser Competition at school!  
HAWAII!!!  That's all I'm gonna say:)
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  1. I am looking forward to summer too. Although, I'm not going to lie...I am really hoping for a snow day tomorrow!

    Found your blog through the linky party!

    1. I do love my snow days! Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to follow:)

  2. Maybe...your secret question is "Where am I going this summer?" Lucky you if that's the case!!
    The Bomb-Diggity Classroom

  3. I wish!! It's more me being hopeful:). Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to follow;)

  4. I <3 Target! I always leave with something (which isn't always good for the wallet-lol). I cannot believe it's still snowing...I will send my warm sunshine wishes your way!!
    -Lovely Nina
    Lovely Nina Designs

  5. 8 to 12 inches of SNOW?! Where do you live, for goodness sake?!
    I am from the deep, DEEP south so snow days are so foreign to me. (We have lost a few days this year due to an ice storm, however that happens maybe twice in a lifetime.) Usually, we lose a half day here or there for severe storms that promise tornadoes - that's when the buses roll OUT to get our babies home before the threatening weather strikes.

    1. I think you read my March entry! Lol!