Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Currently!

It is absolutely beautiful in Northern Kentucky today!  I just love hearing the shouts and giggles of my kids playing outside!  The weather is 70 today but doesn't look so great the rest of the week!  Shame too since we have had outside recess all week and now rain:(  
I am thinking relief from being 3 weeks away from finishing my first 2 masters courses!  This time next year I will be done!  
I really need a new pencil sharpener in my room!  I don't know what they do but the things never last!    Now the debate is which to get?  If you all love yours comment with the brand!
I am desperately needing Spring Break!  The kids are ready too!  Today I told them it was canceled because of all the snow days!  APRIL FOOLS!  They were not happy!
Our hours are 8:30-3:40, with students by 8:55!  It just doesn't seem long enough to get in everything I need to.  As of right now we are going until June 3rd, but the school board is voting on taking some calamity days in a couple of weeks!  I hope they take them.  These kids aren't gonna last that long!

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  1. I am so thankful for the warm weather too! Good luck with your Masters classes!
    Fun in ECSE

  2. 70 degree weather! It's about 52 degrees and sunny here. That's the warmest it's been in a long time! Enjoy!

    A+ Classroom Creations